Monday, October 31, 2016

Far away from home.

Life just gets in the way sometimes. I started graduate school and moved about 3 and a half hours from my sibling. Before I left for grad school, Scott and I had a talk in the car on what grad school means and why I would be leaving again. It hurt my heart and I almost cried talking to him about it, but it's something that had to be talked about.

I've been here in West Virginia for a little over two months and Scott has gotten to visit once for a few hours to bring me my stuff. He liked Morgantown but he told me that he couldn't live with me and that he needed to go back home. I'm just glad that he came to visit.

Ever since we were little Scott has been afraid of dogs. Since we got Penny, Scott has been better with dogs. For my birthday, Laura got me an amazing dog named Suzan. She is an older dog and much calmer than Penny. Before Scott had formally met Suzan we would facetime so he could see her and talk to her (even though she's deaf.. I don't think Scott has gotten that yet). He finally got to meet her a couple weekends ago. When they first met Suzan barked at him (which she's never done at someone). Which he didn't like the barking, but when they reunited again after he had put his stuff away Suzan had changed her mind about him. She even smelled his feet which he thought was funny. I hope that they will be friends.

He also liked that I bought her a red collar. He thinks she's a caps fan because she's rocking the red but we all know she's a pens fan all the way. :) When I saw Scott he came up to me and gave me a hug and said, "Hi Amanda. I missed you too." He has never really done that before. It was the best hug I've had all semester. I think he is turning a corner with wanting to give me a hug and talking to me more.

Since Scott and I talk almost every day. We talk about his jobs. He always tells me "it's busy and that he's tired." Scott recently got on the ice with his favorite player, Alexander Ovechkin. I asked him if he showed him how to score and Scott said yes and laughed. He had lots of fun and it's a great time for all the players.

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