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Hello! I first want to say Thanks for Visiting our page!

I started this blog in August 2010 to get an insight on what it is to live with a person with a disability. My brother and I are 16 months apart in age. Even though you wouldn't be able to tell that because he's 6 foot 3 and I'm nowhere near that. We both play hockey. Scott and are sister Laura are Capitals fan and I'm a Penguins fan. Gotta love the sibling rivalry.

We both play ice hockey. He's the goal scorer and I get the assist and sit in the penalty box. When I was playing U14 for Reston. I remember he would be sitting with us on the bench with us and it was when he was first starting to learn how to talk. My dad would tell him to say "Do not let them score!" He would tell us that on the bench and in between periods. I miss him being there telling me that.
Disney World 2013. 

When I think about that story I think of what we've been through. The ups, the downs we stuck together. He's the reason why I'm in the major I'm in. He's the reason why I love doing what I do. I couldn't have asked for a better brother. I love you. 
Scott, Laura and I. 

I hope you enjoy our blog. I just graduated in 2014 with a major in Community Programs for Americans with Disabilities; Adapted Physical Activity Track from Slippery Rock University. I am a Health and Physical Education Graduate Student at West Virginia University. 

If you have any questions about having a person with Autism in your life. Just let us know. We love talking to our fans and people who read this blog. Facebook us at Siblings with Autism Blog! Also, Tweet us at @Autism_Blog66

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  1. Hey! If you are interested in joining a group for people who are siblings of people with disabilities, please join my Facebook group Missouri Siblings! You don't have to be a sibling to join, because we need people who are passionate about disabilities involved, too! We are looking at starting a chapter of the Sibling Leadership Network. Check out the group for more info on that! Thanks and have a great day.