Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thoughts in our Brain that will never go away..

Starting off this post with a throwback picture to 2007 to now. Who knows what we were thinking or what we thought life would be like 9 years later.

9 years later I'm on my way to help a student in the English class. When something completely out of the blue happens. One of my students needs to talk to me about something. As were on our walk they tell me that they are scared about when their older sibling goes off to college and what's gonna happen after they graduate college. The student and his family member is close in age like my brother and I.

It struck a nerve. I started tearing up. As they were talking to me about this I started to wonder if this is how my brother feels about when I went away for the first time to college or now when I'm leaving for graduate school. We talked about how things might change but there are always positive to a negative. I never know what to say. Is there a right thing to say?

I'm not gonna lie or sugar coat it. I think about the future with my siblings a lot more than I probably should right now. I think: What is life gonna be like in 9 years? What's gonna happen when we get older? and many other things. Somethings will never get out of our heads. It's like a broken record. It keeps going on and on and on. There's no way it will get out.

Recently there was an article in USA Today about securing a future with a child with Autism. It was very insightful and it nice to read.

When seeing my student talk about those things. I try to help as best as I could. I hope I had helped them in some way because today I learned it's okay to tell your feelings to other people that have been through it. They could say that one thing that helps us through another bump in the road.

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