Saturday, April 16, 2016


So it's been a while since I've posted.

Scott and I have both been working a lot. Scott loves his jobs and going to school. He made blueberry donuts on Thursday. (no he didn't bring any home to share :( )

Softball season started this week and he is excited. Scott loves playing softball. They had their first game this today and he said it was a good game. I wanted to go but I am volunteering for track and field because Scott told me that I'm not allowed to volunteer for softball because it's boys only. He did say that I could come to his game next week but not for a long time. Whatever that means.

Earlier this month We got to go to Lake Placid to play hockey with the Cool Cats. Scott loved it and had a great time with his friends. He got to ride the bus and get to know everyone. He got his favorite seat the first row right behind the bus driver. He got to play with an A team from Colorado which was a cool experience. Although he did break his stick and it's all we heard about the rest of the weekend. It was a great weekend.

So, NHL Playoffs have started. Meaning that the Penguins/Capitals Rivalry will keep going since both are in the playoffs. We like to have fun with the rivalry since our house is split. Mom and I are Penguins, Scott and Laura are Capitals and Dad well... who knows who he roots for. We say Penny is a Penguins fan because she's from Pennsylvania. When we say that Scott says, "Mom I wasn't born in Pennsylvania so I'm not a Penguins fan."

Well tonight we are off to the Special Olympics Casino Night. We are excited because we get to dress up. Scott loves to dress up. Until next week.

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