Saturday, November 14, 2015

Moments that you have to cherish.

Today my mom, brother and I went to get my mom and I's Iphone screen fixed. During that time we went to lunch and Scott picked Uncle Julio's. We all got tacos and they were great. When we were getting seated at our booth, I took one side and my mom took another. Now if you know my brother he would normally sit next to my mom... but today he sat next to me. This was a big surprise for me and my mom.  He would always avoid to sit next to me and I never knew why.. and still don't. I'm glad that he is coming around to sitting next to me.

When he talked to me he asked me if I was full and I liked my food. He told me that he was full too. Scott picked a good place to have lunch and I recommend Uncle Julio's.

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