Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Where to start....
I feel like I haven't updated in forever. (which is probably true.) I am determined to do a page a week. This week's page will cover the past few weeks. Here it goes.

Lets flash back to the end of August. (Seems like forever ago.) Laura and I moved out and everyone was helping us move. Scott got to spend our first night there with us. He was excited.. Let's just say life is never dull with us.

We got back home to get the rest of my stuff and to get Scott's bag so we could leave. I was printing something out and next thing I know is my mom coming in to tell me she was taking Scott to urgent care. She said his white shorts were bloody and she couldn't stop the blood.

My brother hates hospital just like I do. He screamed. He didn't want to go. Scott got pricked with a needle and he screamed. Scott told the doctors and nurses, "Don't hurt me!" He couldn't understand they were just helping him. They told Scott to come back to see them the next day so they could change the bandage and see how it was doing.

Mom went out of town and dad was at work, so as big sister I took him to the urgent care. Sitting in the waiting room thinking "I can do this. I can do this. I have to do this for my brother. Gotta be strong." Inside I was as nervous as he was. Thinking "Please dear god don't give them a shot or a needle or I will cry." But for me it made me think that one day I will have to do this for my brother since I will probably be his caregiver (or the person that makes the decisions for him... mind just went blank on this) It's a scary thing to think about but it's gonna happen at one time.

Got into the room and waited and waited. Sunday Morning. Doctor and a male nurse comes in. They were talking about what had happened and Scott again said, "Don't hurt me." Since these were different doctors I told them about how he's afraid of needles and the doctors. She assured Scott there will be no needles. They started to take the bandage off and Scott screamed because it hurt. (Which if you've ever had a bandage with the tape on it you'd know how much it would hurt) The doctor took out scissors and Scott freaked out. "DON'T STICK ME WITH A NEEDLE!" I held his hand as the doctor told him that she was going to cut around the bandage to get it off of him. It calmed him down a little bit. I told him if he was good we could go get matchbox cars from Walmart. (his two favorite things and it helped.)

After that he went to the regular doctor and told them that he needed surgery. OH MAN! Scott and mom went in today to see them again to talk about it. Scott again said that he didn't want them to hurt them and that he didn't want to die. It broke my heart to hear that. This is Scott's first surgery (at least that I can remember).

On a brighter note!
Scott's softball team went to Kansas for the National Softball Tournament (NIT) and placed 4th in the whole tournament. They had teams from all 50 states and 3 countries. They played the team from Canada for 3rd place. Scott told me he had fun and didn't hit any home runs, but he did take pictures with all the pretty girls.

Scott and I have been talking more. He told me he saw Laura driving and I asked if she waved. He told me no she didn't she was paying attention to the road.

Scott always asks mom if he can eat tomorrow. He's a growing boy and wants to know. I went home for a bit and he was making his lunch for the next day. First off, I've never seen him make his lunch. Second, what he was making... let's just say I don't know how he eats it. His sandwich is peanut butter, turkey, ham, mayonnaise. Doesn't that just sound delicious?

Hopefully that is all that's happened. Until next time my readers.  Scott just texted me that he missed Penny and I, so we will be paying our brother a visit. Penny might lick him in the face like she tries to. :)

I almost forgot! For my birthday my family took me out to eat. I asked Scott if I should sit next to dad or next to him. To my surprise he said I could sit next to him! This was the first time in a long time Scott let me sit next to him. Another accomplishment I had to share. :)

-Amanda and Scott.

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