Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pay it Forward!

Scott is off to New Jersey for the Frankenfest Hockey tournament. Last night Penny and I facetimed him for a little bit. They stopped in Pennsylvania for the night and got to do some sight seeing in Reading/Kutztown area.

The title of this blog post is Pay it Forward. We always hear the touching story of someone paying for someone else's meal. Well my mom posted this morning about my brother.. Well here I'll let you read it.

Thanks to the wonderful gentleman from the mountains of Virginia who paid for our breakfast at West Reading Diner this morning! Scott kept commenting about his camo hat. He came over to us and said if he had another one he give it to Scott. When it was time to pay bill waitress came over and said that man took care of it! Warms my heart! Pay it forward!

So random guy at the West Reading Diner. Thank you. For not only paying for my family's breakfast but for not getting upset when my brother kept commenting about your hat. For actually talking to him instead of giving him a weird look. I wish we had more people like you. 

If you are reading this. Here is your challenge: To Pay it Forward! Or go out of your way to do something nice for someone. A smile, talk to someone new, help them with something, pay for their dinner. You never know what will happen. Little things go a long way. 

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