Monday, August 17, 2015

Next Chapter: Post High School Life

Ever since Scott graduated high school he's been going around the house saying, "Mom. I'm not going back to high school in fall 2015." Since he has graduated we've turned to our next chapter of life... Post high school. Which I will admit seems kinda of scary, but Scott and I are ready to take on this new chapter.

Scott has a job at one of local stores that a couple other people with disabilities work at. Scott is a bagger and let me tell you he loves it! He's dressed for work about 30-45 minutes before someone takes him. Today he let me take him. That's an accomplishment in it's own. After he's done with work he always comes home and puts his PJ's on then takes a nap. I always ask him how it was and he says, "Tiring."

Soon Scott will be starting in the CAST (Community and Schools Together) program that will help transition from school to post-school life. It also is a community-based program that focuses on work and post-secondary living skills. We are very proud of him because they only select a few people to be in the program!

Wearing his favorite shirt! 
For about two weeks now, every morning I see Scott he says, "Good Morning. How was your sleep?" It's a nice to hear him say that every morning.

When Scott was younger he would always either stand at the door or at the window to wave at whoever was leaving. He has recently started doing that again and saying, "Drive safely. Have Fun. Bye." before we left the house. I think he started doing this back up because my sister and I are moving to an apartment. Which will be a transition for Scott. During the day Scott will go to my mom and say, "Penny move out. I not move out mom. I stay right here." or if mom jokes around and says I will kick you out. Scott will scream "NO MOM! YOU NO KICK ME OUT!"

Scott is excited for us but to be honest it's gonna feel weird not hearing him every morning or in the other room. One thing I think that he's gonna miss the most (besides his sisters) is having Penny greet him at the door when he comes home. I did tell him that whenever he wants to come over he just has to call. One thing he is excited about his he gets to spend our first night in the apartment with us! He has a list in his head on what he's going to pack and he's gonna make sure he packs his swimsuit since we have a pool!

Well we're really excited for upcoming things like Cool Cats Camp! Check in for our next blog post tomorrow!

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