Friday, June 19, 2015

Insight on our lives.

I'm apart of many sibling groups that brings people from the United States and other countries together. This one post by a person (will remain anonymous). Believe it or not this thing happens more often or not. As a sibling it kind of annoys me. On Wednesday with my camp training our motivational speaker said something that stuck. We were reading an article about how a parent wishes she could go back in time and abort her Down Syndrome child. It was a heartbreaking story to say the least. The speaker said, "Some of you are only with these campers for 35 days. Not a lifetime."

I have heard people tell me they would love to have a sibling with a disability. In some ways, I wish I could trade with them for a week and really show them how my life is with my brother. Don't get me wrong I love having a sibling with a disability, but some days it's rough and I want to give up. It's exhausting. In summer camp you're only with them from 9-4.

Here is the post:

I wish I could tell those people that its truly not all it seems. I literally don't know what to say about this. Whenever it happens it bugs me. Then I saw something on buzzfeed.
Buzzfeed Article

Check it out.
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