Tuesday, June 16, 2015


For a long time I never thought this day would come. My younger brother has graduated from High School on Sunday. When he was sitting there waiting to get this diploma it made me think about all the moments that have led up to this historic milestone.

As I sit here figuring out the words to put in this post I'm tearing up. Whether you knew my brother when he was little or now he has changed in more ways than one. He may have his milestone delayed by a couple of years but that doesn't stop him from reaching them. Reminding me to keep my head held high and aim for the stars. Even though things don't always go the way they plan, one day it will all work out.

Today, I saw a teachers aide who worked with Scott and told me how proud he was. Another person I saw was a friend of mine from high school. She told me a small story about how she substituted in Scott's PE class one day. He ran up to her and asked if she was the teacher today. She told me that when she had PE with him he was quiet and wouldn't talk much but now he's really come out of his shell.

Hearing stories like that make me so happy to hear.

After graduation, Aunt Lorrie threw her confetti at him and then wrapped him up like a mummy. Laura took him to All night grad where he stayed out until 4am. (if you know him his bed time is 10pm on the dot no excuses.) they had fun he got in the pool and got a character drawing. He seemed to have lots of fun.

Scott asked mom if he could go back to High School after graduation. I don't think its hit him yet that school is officially over. He got a job at a grocery store and will be starting the CAST program in the fall.

Well another chapter is in the books. I guess its time to start writing the next one. :)

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