Thursday, May 28, 2015


On my way home from work I did some thinking. Mostly about milestones and my brother. Life has milestones: Age 16 you get your drivers license. Age 18 you graduate. Age 21 you can drink. But for someone who has a disability the milestones may come later or not even come. Life takes us on these turns and hope that they get to those milestone.

In a couple of weeks my brother will be graduating from High School. An accomplishment in itself. When I was younger I thought he would always hate school. Over the years he has come full circle and when he graduates I think he will be sad that he won't get to so back to school. When he gets his diploma I'll probably be in the stands crying from being so proud.

Sometimes I get scared not knowing what might happen as far as milestones. I just hope he does his best, show the world what he is made of and know that I'm always by his side. I can't wait to see the other milestones form.

Its the little things in life we take for granted sometimes.

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