Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trying new things.

At a recent interview, the person conducting the interview asked me what I have done to better myself. I told them that I have been trying new things like sled hockey, so Scott and I did something new together.

Our activity was painting! I wanted to put a chalkboard wall in my room and I needed a tall guy to help me reach the top. (Because I am short) Scott helped me as much as he could seeing as he is somewhat sick. He helped me put tape up and painted the top of the wall. (and part of the ceiling. you can see. which mom just loved)

**Story time: When we were little I remember my mom wanting to paint one of our rooms in the house. Well.. Scott took it upon himself to start. So you saw one roll line painted before mom found him. **

Scott hasn't been feeling well so I put on the second coat today by myself. Now my room can be like Coach Bob's house whenever we go play hangman.

Also, Scott's been getting himself out there and looking for a job. He's been filling out applications and so we are crossing our fingers for a job for him.

Last week Scott also got his Senior pictures done! He came home and said, "Hey guys. I got my senior pictures done today!" This is the guy who used to hate reading at the table and would cry for hours before finally doing it to loving school. I am so proud of my little brother. Words cannot describe it and how far he's come. I still can't believe that he is a senior and that he's finally going to get to walk at graduation.

Since we are getting ourselves to do new things. Our goal for you is to try something you've never done or something you'd never think you would do and share it with us! You never know what you will learn about yourself and what you can do. :)

Ready. Set. Go! 

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