Thursday, September 25, 2014

Workin' Hard for the Money!

Yesterday, Scott and I had a job interview!

Scott got to wear his khakis and a nice shirt. Which he likes to do when he can. His job coach got him an interview with a place that makes sandwiches and other things. We didn't know how Scott would take it since he has his heart set on working at the grocery store as a bagger, but he took it better than we expected.

I also had an interview as a job coach with a shop that has coffee and chocolates. It was open by a family who has a daughter with a disability. They have been only open for a year now and I am very excited to be apart of it. Everyone that is employed there has a disability and I got to meet most of them when I was there. It's not official if I got it yet or not but it's lookin good!

When Scott got home mom asked him what he wants to do with his paycheck. Naturally, he said he wanted to get vent visors for dad's new car. I asked him if I could get some money from his paycheck and he said no. Then I asked Penny (our dog) and Scott says, "She's a dog. She has no money!" While Penny is turning her head in confusion.

So, it looks like Scott and I are getting jobs! This deserves some cake (dairy free of course!)

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