Tuesday, October 21, 2014

These are the things we will look back on..

These past two weeks events have a special meaning to them. Ones that when we are old we can look back on and laugh or tell the grandkids.

First Scott and the Cool Cats went to New Jersey for the Frankenfest tournament. When they started the tournament and I would ask Scott how many goals and assist that he got. The number for the goals would be 3 times on how many assist he got. This year when I asked Scott how many goals and assist he got and surprisely he said that he got 2 goals and many assist. Mom had told me he had set up many people for them to score. He is really becoming a team player and getting the concept of teamwork.

Before Scott left for New Jersey I asked him if he was thinking about going to homecoming. To my surprise he said Yes he would like to go. (He doesn't really like to dance. I think that he just wants to take pictures with pretty girls.)

Well, Saturday was Scott's Senior Homecoming dance. Mom dropped him off and he insisted that mom pick him up about 30 minutes before the dance ended. I picked him up and he said he had a wonderful time. He took some pictures (with the girls and then with their dates) and a video. It's safe to say I think that he had fun.

Another thing that happened this week was Scott, Laura and I went for lunch. After work I treated the two to lunch at Glory Days. Before we got into the restaurant I asked Scott who he was going to sit next too and he said Laura. (Which if you know Scott is not much of a surprise that he didn't want to sit next to me.) But something about today was different. When we got inside we had Scott pick if he wanted a high top table, a booth or the regular tables... Scott picked the big high top tables. When we got to the high top Scott pulled out the chair right next to mine and sat next to me. Willingly! Which is really to my surprise.

One thing my brother does now is when we go out to eat he asks the waiter or waitress what their name is and then he proceeds to say, "This is my mom, my dad, my sister Amanda and my sister Laura." I'm so proud that he has come this far to start having conversations with other people.

It's the little things that mean the most and I think that he is coming back around. Maybe one day he will next to me more when we go out to dinner. This will truly be one thing that we will be talking about when we grow older.

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