Sunday, September 21, 2014

What have we been up to?

Scott and I have been busy. Scott has been seeing what job he might be interested in while Amanda is applying everywhere to find one. Scott really wants to be a bagger at our local grocery store. I'm glad he found something he likes to do and hopefully they can work it out where he can work during the school day. Scott has also been playing outside with Penny. Check out our video on our facebook page of what Penny did to Scott when he was cleaning the window.

Hockey is back in the swing of things and we love being on the ice. Coach Randy likes to take Scott's stick away so he has to use his feet. Yesterday after practice he was asking one of the mentors to move so he could get into the bathroom. Instead of Scott saying, "Excuse me you are in my way." He said, "Excuse me I'm in your way." It was cute.

Since I think I am lactose intolerant I've been making dairy free foods. For my birthday my cake and icing was dairy free. Which everyone loved. I made a buffalo chicken lasagna. (The recipe is not dairy free but I changed the dairy things into dairy free) Scott loves buffalo chicken and we discovered at my birthday dinner that he likes blue cheese dressing. So, I decided to make it as a dairy free version. Afterwards I asked Scott if he wanted me to make more and he said, "No I'm full right now." I did ask him if he wanted me to make it a different time and he said he would like that. I'm glad he and my dad liked it. If anyone would like the recipe here it is: Buffalo Chicken Lasagna To make it dairy free I used dairy free cream cheese and rice milk cheese. Also, when making it I found to make more chicken and sauce because I only got one layer out of it.

Funny quote: When I was making the icing for my cake. I asked Scott what Red and Blue put together made. Thinking he would say Purple. Scott's answer was, " The American Flag." I guess you can say that's what I was going for.

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