Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scott gets to meet his favorite player!

I can't believe I'm saying this but Scott has started his Senior year of high school. It feels like yesterday when it took him the whole night just to get him to do his homework and him crying whenever he had to read a book. Now he comes home from school and does his homework right then and there with no fight.

Here is Scott's First Day picture. Scott even got to wear his new bright green shoes. You know how Scott loves his shoes ( & yes he has more than Laura and I do.)

Scott recently took a trip with the Department of Rehabilitation Services to see what type of jobs he would be good at and see what he likes.

They went to a local grocery store to see if Scott would like being a bagger. I think he liked it. He even told his teacher that he was going to work there on Saturday. :)

On Thursday some of our local special hockey players got to skate with Washington Capitals Captain, Alexander Ovechkin. If you know Scott you will know that Ovechkin is his favorite player. They got to do drills and play games with Ovechkin. All the players were excited and it was a great day for them.

There were news crews there and everything. Check us out on NBC 4. Here's Scott's picture with Ovechkin.

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