Monday, September 1, 2014

Hockey Camp and the Start of School

One of the last things that we do during summer is go to hockey camp. Our hockey camp is week long, 9 to 4 and has two ice sessions. During the day we do off-ice drills, arts and crafts and having fun getting on the ice.

Scott, dad and I were in a van with a couple other of the players. We would go by these houses and the boys would say which house they liked or they would talk about football or hockey. After camp ended they were somewhat quieter and had the hockey stink badly. Phew! (Scott would probably laugh if you told him he smelled bad.)

One of the topics that came up during camp was how much the boys have grown over the years. The Cool Cats are in their 10th year and everyone has their own story about how they got started or their favorite memory about the Cool Cats. From seeing their kid touch the puck for the first time or them be more social or even how they learned about the team. Every one of those players has a different story that I love to see and it's inspirational to see how a lot of them have come.

When my brother started he was shy, was learning how to speak and to be more social. I have seen so much progress in him just from these past years. Scott will say hi to everyone and ask you your name. He won't tell you his name but he's getting there. When my mom was in Pennsylvania visiting family with my brother and my dad she told us that Grandma was kidding around with Scott about who gets the big fries. (Scott picks out all the big fries for himself and will scream NO if you say you are going to take the big fry) My mom was very happy that he learned how to communicate and that he loves to talk about everything.

Tomorrow, Scott starts his Senior year of high school. Yes, I said Senior year. I can't believe it either. Scott loves school and can't wait to be back. Now he has to get out of his PJ's. :)

STORY TIME: When Scott was younger he hated school. He would sit at the table and cry his eyes out when he had to do homework or had to read. It was the hardest and longest thing to get Scott to do his homework. Now Scott comes home and sits right down to do his homework. It is a complete 360 from what he used to be.

We hope that everyone has a great first day! Watch out for school buses. Hopefully we will get a picture of Scott before he heads off to school.

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