Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer is coming to an end.

Well Scott has one week left before his Senior year starts... Yes I said Senior Year. I can't believe it either.

So what has been going on? Scott helped mom with her DIY project.

He helped mom find the middle of the wood so she could put lights on the top them to put in the front yard. He likes helping mom when he can.

After they did that Scott wanted to see how tall he was. So mom helped him see how tall he was.

Next we went to the Pirates vs. Nationals game. I love how Scott and I have that sibling rivalry when it comes to sports teams. On Friday, Scott went around the house saying, "Mom, the nationals are going to beat the pirates." Well.. unfortunately mom and I lost... actually we got swept. It was a good series though. Well played. We almost had them. As Scott would say, "You will get them next time."

Last and not least Scott and I took Penny for a walk. This walk was better than Penny and mine almost 3 mile walk in the pouring rain on Wednesday. We just walked around the block but I think Penny enjoyed having her brother be her protector and make sure we didn't get hit by any cars. I also think he didn't want to be seen with us. 
When we came back I asked him if he wanted to go on another walk with us another time. He looked at me and said, "I'm not a dog person." So I guess we will see if he does or not. 

For everyone starting college or school this week or next; Have fun and learn a lot. Next week Scott and I start Cool Cat Camp! 

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