Monday, August 4, 2014

Where has the summer gone?

Can you believe it's August already? I know we can't.

July was a busy month for us. After spending 4th of July at Grandmas it seems like all we've been doing is running around. For our 3rd year we participated in Relay for Life in honor of our Aunt Barb & we even brought Penny along. Even though Scott insisted that Penny stay at grandma's house. We walked as long as we could go and some of us even saw the sunrise. Most of our family was there and Scott loved it. He got to play on the swings and play basketball with our cousins and some of the other kids who were there.

This year I walked 24 laps and at each lap you get a bead. I can't really tell you how many laps Scott did because after his first one he decided to make a bracelet out of the beads. :) He tells everyone that's how many laps he did. I guess we will never know how many laps Scott really did.  

Here are some pictures from our time at Relay. (Top Left) Our bags that were made for my teammate Amanda Post and our Aunt Barb. (Top Right) The 2014 Minute to Win it Champions; Dawn and I. (Bottom Left) The beautiful 6 am sunrise.

Relay is always emotional for our family. I think Scott is coming to realize why we do this walk every year. There are days where he cries because he misses our aunt and I try to be there for him in anyway I can. We talk about all the great memories we had with her and I know that Scott thinks about her often.

After we went to Relay we took a quick trip home to pack the car for our first RV-ing trip to North Carolina.

Let me tell you it was a new experience for all of us. This was not only our first RV trip but our first beach trip with Penny. It was a fun experience being on a campsite. The person who was next to us at the campsite went to Slippery Rock. What a small world. 

Scott loves the beach. Even when it was the windiest day of the year and sand was getting in everyone's eyes. Scott was out there having the time of his life. Ever since we were little he would be out in the water no matter how cold the water may be. He loves to float. Whenever we think he has gone way too far out Scott stands up and the water is up to his knees. Our dog Penny got to experience her first trip to the beach and I think he liked digging in the sand and putting her feet in the water. 

While we were in North Carolina we got to see Scott's basketball/softball coach who recently moved there. It was really nice to see them. Scott got to check out their cars, talk about sports, have dinner, see a lighthouse in the rain and go to the beach. 

Here are some pictures from our trip. (Top Left) Scott enjoying the water. (Top Right) Our annual crazy picture. (Bottom Left) Artwork that Scott and I found in Wilmington. (Bottom Right) Our siblings picture.. with Penny not looking.. She's not a very good picture taker. (Bottom picture) Scott and I at the beach. 


We hope that everyone is having a great summer like we are! Soon Cool Cats Camp will be here and school will be starting. 

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