Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Growing up.

As I'm sitting outside with our dog, I see our neighbors kids outside playing and being carefree. I think as we grow up we forget how to be carefree and to just live life without a worry.

One thing about growing up: Jobs. Whether you're like me and looking for one or like Scott and seeing what jobs you fit into. As the Boy Meets World quote says, "Life is tough. Get a helmet."

Scott has been working at the local golf center for most of the summer. While he's there he picks up golf balls, washes windows and picks up trash. It was a new experience. He got to see what it was like to be in a job setting. It will help him to see what he wants to do.

Scott told his job coach and our family that he wants to try to work at a sub shop... the same one our sister works at. New experiences.

I am proud of him for trying something new and getting a job. As a sibling you always wonder if or when your sibling will get a job. Sometimes you just have to let faith take it's course. You can't always see the future so you have to take what you can get. Just like the kids you have to be somewhat carefree and know that if things were meant to happen they will.

If you ask Scott want he wants to do he would probably tell you his whole life plan. Work at advance auto parts, marry his girlfriend, have three kids (which he has probably named) and retire to Tampa Bay near his best friend. Many people can't tell you what they are doing next month and he has his whole life planned out. I'm glad to see someone knows what they want to do with their life. I hope that it all works out for him like that. I guess we will have to see.

You never know what life will throw at you. You just gotta take it and make the best of it. Just put yourself out there. You'll never know until you try because maybe something great will come out of it!

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