Thursday, March 20, 2014

Amanda's Week Home.

Well, I've been home for Spring Break... well maybe it should be called a second winter break. Before I left from school the weather in Virginia was in the 50-60's.. I guess you could say I brought the snow home with me. From Sunday to Monday it snowed... 10 inches and the roads were bad, so my whole family got Monday off. As a family we watched some movies and had crock-pot chicken (which is the best and you can do everything with it.)

This week Scott has been really excited that today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING (& also it's International Day of Happiness!) I think my brother is sick of the snow like most people are. He loves wearing shorts, short sleeves and getting to play basketball outside. This is the first spring that we have Penny with us so he can play outside with her. Scott loves sitting outside. Even at my grandma's house and my house at school. He will sit on the porch for hours.

Story Time: At one point I remember when my brother hated wearing shorts. Which if you know the summers here it gets hot and humid. We would be outside and it would be almost 100 degrees and you'd see Scott with his long sweat pants on. He just liked his pants for some reason. A reason which I knew. Also when the times got warmer you would see Scott on his pogo stick. He would be on that thing for hours. We would have to force him to get off it. Now I don't think his big body would fit that little pogo stick.

Yesterday, I got to take Scott to one of his favorite places to go. To get his haircut from Ms. Patty. We've been going to Ms. Patty since I can remember and she loves our family. She knows what temperature that Scott likes the water when she washes it and how short he likes his hair to be cut. I don't know how we found Ms. Patty's shop but I'm glad we did. When we were there yesterday she asked Scott about school and other things. Ms. Patty had a little laugh when Scott asked to have the water a little warmer than normal, but before he sits down he has to make sure the foot rest is all the way out. (which I thought he broke because he pulled the foot rest out so hard..)

This weekend Scott's basketball team will be headed to States! This year is extra special because Scott's team got picked to play in the All-Star team during Opening Ceremonies! YAY!
I'm so proud of my little brother! I don't get to watch his basketball games that often since I'm at school but I'm excited about this weekend!
I'm making him a sign for this weekend. Shhh! don't tell him.

Also, Amanda has been selected to her Collegiate Hockey League All-Star team as a defenseman. Which will be played at the Giant Center in Hersey over Easter weekend!

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