Friday, February 21, 2014

This is a story that will make you smile.

With my brother everyday is an adventure and a learning experience for both of us. Even though I'm not with him 24/7 I still get a laugh whenever my mom has stories about my brother. Since we all have Iphones now I facetime him whenever I get a chance. He doesn't talk very long but I get him talking.

I had playoffs last weekend in Delaware and when I walked into the hotel room he was laying down. Scott had a headache but told mom he wanted to come. I walked in and he was laying down trying to take a nap and mom says, "Hey. Look who I found." I saw my brother look up and he initiated wanting to give me a hug and said hi. Which is something that my brother wouldn't normally do. This kid will do everything and anything not to sit with me at dinner and at that point he wanted to give me a hug. I'll take it. One step closer.

So the story for this week. My mom got a phone call from the high school. It was from the nurse. To add my brother doesn't really go to the nurses office often. (this nurse loves our family. between me, Laura and Scott. She is a great nurse) The nurse told my mom that it wasn't anything to be alarmed about, but she was wondering if she knew about my brother's rash behind his ear and on the back of his neck... When my mom talked to Scott she asked him if he had shaved this morning. (He always shaves and he will tell you he shaved because he doesn't want a beard.) My mom asked Scott if he shaved the back of his neck that morning. Scott told mom that he did and it was itchy. My mom told the nurse that he just gets pimples around his ears and to just put some lotion on them and send him back to class.

Also, whenever I log into facebook Scott always post pictures of random objects he sees in stores, old photos and has been recently doing the thing call bitstripts. If you haven't seen them from Scott they are funny. Here's one:
Scott doing crunches. I can just hear him doing maybe five and saying, "Oh man. This is hard." 

On that note. I'm going to the gym because I have the urge to run and I didn't give my mom my knee brace. So until next time. I hope this made you smile cause I know it did for me. 

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