Friday, October 26, 2012

Reunited & It feels so good.

The title of this post is from the song Reunited by Peaches & Herb. It's a perfect song to describe for the feelings, Scott, got today. His best friend John & his dad Papa came to see Scott before they go to the Frankenfest Tournament tomorrow. Even though I was not there to see it my mom said that Scott got the biggest smile on his face. (Which I can only imagine.)
They already went to Walmart & I heard that Scott got three cars. (which is not a surprise) One day I will count how many cars he has. Anyone want to make a guess? I don't think anyone will be close.
This weekend the Cool Cats are off to New Jersey to play in the Frankenfest Tournament hosted by the NJ Dare Devils. I know that some of the Cool Cats wait for this tournament all year.
Quotes that make you laugh:
-I (my mom) told Scott that him and John are going to bed early which meant before 10:00. He said o.k. 9:59. And laughed!
-I (my mom) had a dentist appointment and then picked Laura up from school. So I got home around 5:15. As soon as Scott comes in the house after school, he has to do his homework if he has any. Today Laura sat down to help him and I guess he thought that she didn't know how to help him because he kept yelling, "Mom, come here! Mom come here!"
-We go to Walmart and I tell him to go get some bananas while I get lettuce. I hear him say to Walmart employee, "Can I buy these bananas?" The look on the guy face made me laugh because he didnt know what to say. Then he said SURE!!
-From one of our cool cats brothers, Zach about his brother Noah: He has this new girlfriend at his new school and she dumped him and the next day she gave him a DOLLAR to get back with her and he said "I can't be bought"
-"Mom, I not going to drink bourbon anymore." Dont know where that came from. LOL
-"Mom when I am older- my girlfriend and I are going to Reston Hospital to pick up a baby". 
Hope you enjoyed the laugh. There will be more to come. 
Cool Cats Have fun in New Jersey. As we say at Rock Hockey. 
"Look good, play good, feel good"   

Miss you guys. Everyone have a Safe Halloween.

Remember for Halloween. (:

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