Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lots & Lots of News.

I said that today would be the day that Scott & I have news. Well here it is....... ***Drum roll please****
We have hit the two year mark of starting the Siblings With Autism Blog!!!
Crazy right? We can't believe it either. Scott & I would like thank everyone who reads our blog no matter how much we try to update it. Thanks. We love each and everyone of you.

This week has been fun with Scott. Yesterday he golfed with dad, Coach Bill & Ryan at the Special Olympics Golf Tournament. Scott said they had a really fun time and that he hit really well. If you know Scott he loves to golf as much as he loves hockey.. even though he doesn't get to play that often.

Today we went over to Michael's house to hang out with him. Today we did a food project which we made small quiches and banana splits (because Amanda just got her wisdom teeth out & can't eat solid food just quite yet...) We put bacon, cheese and eggs in our little precooked quiche cups. They ended up really good. Scott and Michael loved them. I don't really like eggs and I thought they were good. If you would like the recipe let us know. We love trying new foods. We also had banana splits with strawberry and vanilla ice cream with mangos, cherries, strawberry syrup, bananas and sprinkles.

Scott says that he isn't getting his wisdom teeth out after seeing both Laura & I get them out. I really wouldn't blame him. It hurts.

Well, I only have 10 days left until I move back to Slippery Rock. This year Scott didn't write it on the calendar or say "Mom, Amanda move on August 25th. Mom, I not move to Pennsylvania." like he did last year.. Maybe since he knows what to expect he is thinking differently.

Today is also the day that we got a new baby cousin named Orly Barbara. We can't wait to meet the little girl the next time we are up visiting family in PA.

Well we have an exciting week ahead of going to the pool, having family visit and of course hockey practice. I hope that everyone has a fantastic week.

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott.

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