Saturday, August 4, 2012

ASHA Hockey Camp & Battle of the Golden Helmet.

This past week has been crazy (in a great way) Scott, Coach Randy & I headed up to Maryland to go to the ASHA (American Special Hockey Association) Southeast District camp. We rode up to camp with Bowen, David, Steven & Brandon. Let me tell you it was a fun car ride.

While at camp we were on the ice a little over two hours a day. Then lunch and down time at the rink they melt down to make into a roller rink for the summer camps. This week we learned a lot about each other. A lot of the kids who never really talked before were talking up a storm and it was great to hear what they had to say.

Coach Randy made the kids work hard and all of them were tired after each day.  This picture will probably tell you how much we tired them out. On Day 4: 4 kids are down for the count & let me tell you I was right there with them.

I didn't want to leave these kids. Today felt so weird not waking up early & putting on my skates to be on the ice with them. I can't wait to see all these kids again at christmas time for the tournament. I probably won't recognize any of them they will be so fast or talkative. This week made me realize that this is what I want to do with my life. I love these guys like they are my brothers and sisters & I wouldn't change it for the world. I really don't know what I would be doing with my life if I have never met every. I <3 you all.

In the next post I'll post some more pictures of the week and some videos we took. Yes, the one of me singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider & of the one the kids are pushing coach Randy in Wesley's chair.

After that whole week of camp we had one last thing. The battle of the Golden Helmet.  Scott's team the Rangers Won. Scott did amazing he had a triple and two doubles. He almost hit over the fence twice. It was a great game to watch by all of his teammates. Then after that we had a picnic with Scott's favorite. Hamburgers and Hot dogs. He also met a new friend who he took pictures with.

Fewwwww. I think it's bed time now. Another Sunday of Hockey for the Cool Cats. (:

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott.

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