Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Special Olympics States.

Over the weekend Scott and Coach Randy went down to Richmond to attend the State games for Softball. On Friday they lost both of there games, but that's okay. They played early on Saturday the game that they needed to win & they did. They won the game and got into the gold medal game. Which they won!! Scott came home with a gold medal. Congrats to Scott's team and all the Loudoun County Athletes who placed. Way to go.
There is one more softball game to go. Which I hope to attend because I haven't been to able to get to a game yet.

On Monday, Scott, Laura and Coach Randy got up at 6 am to meet my grandpa & my cousin to swap cars. While they were in Breezewood they stopped to eat with them and then came straight home. Scott loved eating there with everyone.

More to come soon.

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