Saturday, May 12, 2012

My first day home. It feels great. My dad and I got in at 345am & when I woke up this morning my family had already left for Scott's softball game. Thanks to my family for getting all my stuff out of the car and into the living room.
Scott's game this morning was against a team that was burgundy. I asked him if he hit a homerun and he said no. Then I asked if he got close and he said yes.
After Scott's game he made his famous Chicken and Rice. Which since I've been gone I think it's turned into Rice & Cheese.
Now before the Capitals (ew) game. Scott and I played a friendly game of Horse. Well we all know who won that, but I was close to winning... okay when the game ended it was Amanda: HORSE & Scott: H. but still we had fun.
Scott cutting the tree. 

My mom and Scott are now doing some yard work. Mom mowing the lawn and Scott cutting apart of one of our tree.
Last but not least when I woke up and hear Scott. I said, "Hey Scott." and he did his "Heyyyyyyyyy." like he hasn't seen me in forever.

He's probably gonna watch the Capitals game. I am not because if I watch they will win, so I will be watching something better aka the Mighty Ducks. (:

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