Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm already packed & almost on my way home. No matter what time my dad & I get home I will be going to be going to my first softball game of the season. Just to watch my "little" brother hit it out of the park. like he normally does.
I just tried to call Scott to see what he is up to, but as always he never answers his red phone.
I think for him it's going to be weird having me home for the summer. There's gonna be 5 people in the car on the way to practice not four like it is when im away at school.
This semester has been crazy. I did my first high-incidence project about Autism and Scott. I got to learn a lot about Autism that I didn't already know like who was the first person diagnosed. If you want to read it let me know. My grandma & grandpa have been showing everyone& they want to get it published.
Last but not least. WE WENT TO LONDON!!! Scott loves flying. London was a first for  a lot of things:

  • flying in a plane.
  • riding in a taxi.
  • riding a double decker bus.
  • playing hockey overseas.
It was great getting to see everyone at the tournament. We made a lot of new friends who we miss & hope to see next tournament. My family & I had a great time in London seeing everything. I wish we could go back again.

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