Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break.

Spring Break was a great chance for me to spend time with my family. I even got to take Scott to his last basketball practice of the season. Every time I take him to basketball he gets in the car 10 minutes before were actually suppose to leave then when I'm walking to the car he reaches over and opens the door for me. Before I leave I always ask him are you ready to go & he says yep let's go.
We went through this routine when I was home for winter break & all last year. I miss driving Scott to basketball and seeing everyone there. We picked up Michael and then we were on our way. The same way passing the hospital every time.
That weekend they were preparing for the State games. In which that his team (the Rebels) took home 3rd place. I'm really proud of Scott.
I asked him if he was nervous & he said yeah i was nervous. There was one team who was taller than him. Naturally he backed off because he was taller.
After that day we went out for my parents 20th wedding anniversary. Congrats mom & dad.

I am doing a 5 page paper about Autism. It's very interesting to hear about the first person who was diagnosed with Autism. He was really smart. He could tell you how many bricks were in his high school just by looking at it. 

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