Saturday, February 4, 2012


This morning I got up early to call my brother to wish him good luck on his basketball tournament. Well, he didn't answer his phone... (that's nothing usual though)
I finally got him & told him to play well, play defense, score some points & get his hands up on defense. Basically what I tell him all the time.
His first game was against his teammate on the ice, Michael. Both games Scott played in were really good.
After both games I got a text saying, "We won both games. We are undefeated."
I wish I was there cheering him on, but he knows I was screaming from here for him to score. I hope he heard me. (:

There's no hockey tomorrow. (yeah you read that right) So it's a lazy day for my brother. Who knows what he's gonna do? Maybe sleep in until 730... yeah that's not gonna happen. He's gotta watch Max & Ruby @ 6am. Which I did watch one morning because it was on when I woke up. It made me miss my brother.

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