Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another year gone.

Wow. I can't believe that my brother is one year older. My only request is that he doesn't grow any taller.
Now that I'm back at school (which no they didn't leave my brother with me like he secretly wants to) I missed his birthday dinner. Look what when on when I was gone:  Scott tells me that he needs to lose weigh so I think "great get on the wii and excercise" so he goes on the wii and hits mii which I have no clue what it is. He clicks on his person and makes in skinnier and then says to me " look mom I LOST weight". LOL. I wish it would be that easy.
I miss these times with my brother. It felt weird not driving him & Michael to basketball practice tonight. 
Scott has two dances this week. Maybe he will dance with a girl and hold her by the muscles like he did last year. Here's another quote from him from my mom:  riding home from basketball tonight I asked Scott what he was wearing tomorrow for the Hope Prom. He says "my kayaking pants" to which I replied " oh you mean your KHAKI pants". Laura busted up laughing!!!
I can't wait to hear about it & tell you all about it. 
Scott loves to dress up so this is his chance to look nice. Hopefully they got him pants that are longer for him since he grew out of the other ones he had. He looked like Stever Urkel without the glasses. Maybe a furture halloween idea. (: 
Well. Back to homework. Have a question about anything relating to Autism or life with a sibling with Autism. Hit us up on our facebook page. We always love questions or random things you just want us to know or even a funny story.  

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott. 

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