Monday, January 16, 2012

NY hockey tournament.

Well this is my last weekend of winter break. Meaning I have to leave my brother & my family...
Scott's had this date written down on the calendar since I came home. I told him that he's moving to PA with me & that he gets to sleep on the floor. He tells me he is staying in Virginia and is sleeping in his own bed.
This weekend Scott and a couple other of the Cool Cats went to New York. On Saturday night they played a game before the Islander-Sabers game. Then during the Islanders-Sabers game they got to shoot three pucks in between the period.
The next day they got up early and played in an outdoor rink. Scott says it was cold and he scored 6 goals. (more than I can get in a season.) After the game they came home with Scott's best friend Johnny Marie and they got to see Coach Randy referee. I asked Johnny Marie if he fell & he said no I like watching Randy ref.
I totally forgot that they had to leave really early on Saturday so they could go to the pool with Johnny Marie. 
Both Photo's were taken by Johnny Marie's sister Anna. 
The Team. Coach Randy looks cold.


also. Happy Birthday to Bowen. 3.141592.

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