Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Slippery Rock.

Hey guys.
I wish I could update this so much more but life & school has gotten in the way, but I decided to update today for something I did that has to do with my brother & I have some Scott Quotes that will brighten your day or here in Slippery Rock... Snow.
In my Intro to Adaptive Physical Activity class we had to read an article about disabled people doing exercise. I picked an article on our friends from the north (MD) the Baltimore Saints. In the article I kinda got off track and talked about my brother. My teacher asked me to share some stories about my brother. I talked about when he was little and he would scream all the time, how he started talking and of course hockey. It was really cool talking to the class about my brother. Next week we are talking about Special Olympics, the deaf games and amputee games. Which I hope to get something about hockey in. (:
I talked to my brother yesterday which was great, but these quotes are the best yet. ( I think).
Thanks to my mom & sister for posting these on facebook.
Scott: Mom, what happened to Boudreau?
Mom: He got fired.
Scott: With a fire extinguisher?
So every game that the Caps are losing, Scott will ask if Boudreau is happy! Now he keeps asking "what happened to Boudreau?" he has only asked about 20 times now!! I guess he will have to wait and see them play and not see Boudreau.

Oh Scott. Three more weeks & I'll be home. Home sweet Home.
Let it snow let it snow.
Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott.

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