Sunday, October 16, 2011

SRU Hockey.

Over the weekend I got to see Scott, Laura, Coach Randy and my cousin Evan. They came to see my team play the toughest game of the season vs. West Chester. I helped score the 3rd goal and I was excited for them to come see me play.After the game Scott helped me by carrying my new helmet and sticks to Katie's car before they left. Then they got stuck in traffic because of roadwork there doing in Pittsburgh.

Right now Scott is playing hockey then going to dinner with the Erdman's. I miss playing hockey with everyone.

The next time I'll get to see my family will probably be thanksgiving unless they drive to Philly for the day & come see me play West Chester again(:
Just a thought.

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott.

p.s. I love my new cool cat scarf. (:

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