Friday, July 15, 2011

Virginia Beach '11

Hey everyone.
This years Beach trip was to Virginia Beach. A beach we used to go to every year when Scott was little (yes he was little; actually smaller than he was now) for Challenger baseball every year for Mother's Day.
We left after Softball on Saturday. It was a nice ride down. We stayed about 15 away from the beach but that didn't stop us from being there all the time.
Everyone in the family had one day where they picked to go to dinner. One day we enjoyed Pizza at Dough Boys. My choice was found on Urbanspoon. One of the reasons I picked it was because of it's name & its reviews. The place: El Taco Loco. They make great tacos, burritos & many other things. They also make there Guacamole right at your table.
While we were at the beach something hit Scott's foot so he screamed, "LOBSTER, CRAB, OYSTER!! ew" It was the cutest thing. He spent most of the time in the water but he told mom it was time to go. (which is really not like Scott. He could stay in the water forever.)
One day we went to Fort Story which we did have to get out of the car & have them search it. We were taking my mom to see the two light houses there.
lighthouse @ Fort Story.

It was a beautiful to be at the beach. We all got sunburned even Coach Randy who was under the umbrella but he had no sunscreen on (like some of us who put sunscreen on two times each time we were there).

On the Calendar we have almost everything written down & Scott now knows what August 24th is when Amanda moves to PA for school. He keeps asking mom how Amanda is doing even when I'm in the Room right next to him. What is he going to do when I really go?

Scott's Quote: "Ouch my shoulders." & "Mom I need a new hockey stick mines to short."

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott.

P.S. I wanna give a shout out to a band in the NOVA area called Aim for the Weekend. They are releasing there EP on Itunes on Tuesday, July 19th. Everyone should go check them out. There are great & funny group of guys and that's why we love them. 

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