Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today was Scott's last official softball game. (picture coming soon) even though they still practice until August where they will be going to Chicago, IL for the NIT tournament. (:

The battle of the golden helmet.

My grandma kept asking what he got for winning it. His team (The Rangers.) won the golden helmet and the other team from Loudoun County also won it too(:

Congratulations to both the Rangers & Cardinals.

You would think that Scott would be tired out from all the softball this morning but him & Coach Randy are (I think) at the batting cages & getting our car a new battery & oil, because today the battery had its moment again & thanks to Mrs. Knight we got it to jump start and home.

The car still has it's bumpy moments and I really don't want to ride in the car until it gets fixed. You can see how lower it is than what it should be.

We finally have Cool Cats tomorrow and for each team we have an hour practice for both of them. I'm excited. Are you?

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott

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