Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer 2011

Softball Season:
 This season Scott is on the Rangers & the All-Star team which will be going to Chicago,IL at the end of August. Scott's favorite thing about softball is getting to hit the balls over the other players so they have no way to get it. He also catches the balls and runs to the bases. Scott loves to cheer on his teammates by saying You can do it. In the outfield he runs to catch the balls so the other team doesn't score.

  While we were in PA I thought it was nice, cool & sometimes cold. On the other hand Scott thought it was hot and it was just right for him. We really liked spending the week up there and seeing all of the family. Scott played lots of games with our cousins Evan and Luke. In that week it was Evan's birthday and for his birthday we always play a friendly game of Kickball. When we were playing this game Scott broke his car when he tried to slide to one of the bases, but when mom came they went to Wal-Mart and got Scott 3 new ones. One of Scott's favorite moments was when we went with our cousins to play Galaxy golf. (which was inside the mall & was like glow in the dark golf) Scott, Laura & I got to spend a night at Evan & Luke's house were we watched some movies, played wii and played with there dog Maggie (which surprisingly Scott wasn't afraid of.)
  On 4th of July we went with Evan & Luke to Amber's house to set off fireworks and play some hockey with Alan. Lorrie made this really awesome dip that was kind of too hot for Scott so he made his ewww face & it was pretty funny. Scott wore out Amber & Alan's dog Max when him & Alan were playing hockey.

Scott with his new buddy Max.

Hockey? In summer? I guess hockey is never really over in our house. The saying "Is it October Yet?" Doesn't really apply to my family. We are gearing up for hockey camp at the end of August. The B team is doing a lot of shooting drills, passing drills, skating around & more. My dad got new sticks & circle things for the kids to pass with & more stuff came today..... but I can't tell you what they are you will just have to find out at practice.(:
   The C team is doing a lot with the sticks & circles too and the tires. That I know everyone loves. Both teams are really surprising me on what they are learning.

This coming week we are going to Virginia Beach (one of Scott's favorite place: The Beach) & knowning him we will be in the Water no matter how cold it is, but for right now we are going to watch the end of the Pirates game. So LET'S GO BUCCOS!!(:

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott.

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