Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wow is it really August?

Hey guys.
Wow I can't believe it's August. There are many activities planned in the Brawley household. From doctors appointments, Going to Slippery Rock for me & Scott going to Chicago for Softball.
I had written down on the calendar when we were going to my grandparents house before leaving for Slippery Rock. For a while Scott has been saying these two things:
"Mom, How's Amanda?"
"Mom. August 24 Amanda moves to PA. I'm not moving to PA. I stay in Virginia with Laura."
I think if my mom hears that one more time she might scream.
He really hasn't said about going to Chicago for softbal;.

On Monday Scott & Johnny did there yearly activity of going to the water park. He really didn't talk about it that much but it seemed like he had fun.
On Tuesday I had to go to the knee doctor & ended up getting a shot. When I got home my mom told Scott that I got a shot & he screamed. "MOM I ONLY GO TO THE DOCTORS FOR CHECK UPS. NO SHOTS!!"
he really doesn't like shots.

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott

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