Thursday, October 7, 2010

remembering the old times.

I remember Scott coming home from school, getting some food & then sit & play the playstation for awhile. Then I hear my mom say SCOTT TIME TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK! He would go to the kitchen table with my mom & he would start crying when ever he had to read & I was never allowed to help him with his homework. He would push me because he didn't want me to help him.

Now is a different story. Scott comes home from school he gets right to work on his homework. Yesterday when he was reading (out loud) he let me sit next to him to read with him. At the end of his story they had questions to answer about the story which was about 3M & science.

I will always remember when he didn't even want my help. He loves school more than my sister & I ever will.

He's happy because were getting a rental car. A Hyundai Santa Fe. :)

Scott's Quote of the day: "MOM! Where's dad?"

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott. :)

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