Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NJ tournament.


Last weekend, Scott went to New Jersey to play in a tournament. He scored a couple of goals & passed to his teammates a lot. Scott had a lot of fun. The cool cats had a great time & surprised everyone.
Scott & John playing in the tournament. 

He went out to eat with the team to Tiffany's where he had chicken fingers & fries (who knew?)
Scott's favorite part was just being on the ice playing. 

School has been going great. Scott went to the library today & tomorrow he will have his cooking class. but for now he is playing NHL2K5. 

As for me. I got a 6 day weekend for fall break :) & is ready for our games against Old Dominion University & William & Mary down in Virginia Beach. We are 3-1 for the season so far. let's keep it up boys. 

Peace & love, 
Amanda & Scott :)

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