Sunday, September 26, 2010

this week........

hey guys,
It's been really busy week for my family & I. With classes, hockey & bunches of other things that come up I don't get time to write like I used to.

Right now I'm sitting with Coach Bob's Daughter Lauren. (the coolest person in the world :) ) while freezing in the scorekeepers box. I don't know how im typing this cause im so cold.
Scott has had a GREAT WEEK at school. He loves school and he would go through summer if he could.
He had a game against the Montgomery Cheetahs today. They lost & Scott hurt his knee. (sounding like a Brawley.) 

I was at the C team game. They played very well. I was really surprised with the team today. They all had there box of Frosted Flakes today. :)

Well.... thats all that's been happening at the Brawley house. Until next time. 

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott. 

*On Thursday. the Kettler Ice Rink lost one of its own. Brian "Saint" St.Louis.
Brian you will be missed by many. I wanted to thank you for all you've done. I remember you asking my brother to play with you durning our golf tournament for the forth guy. I will never forget that. You will be missed. 

Rest in Peace Saint. 

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