Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caps/Bruins game.

Hey guys.

Last night Scott, Laura, Coach Randy & I went to the Caps/Bruins game. We got to sit front row on the side where the Bruins were defending. Scott was wearing his Capital Ovie Jersey and was in heaven at the game. Even though the caps lost we still had a blast.
The picture will be up soon. blogger is having a girl moment. :)

Scott came home today and told mom that he had lost his p.e. uniform. She asked him how he lost it and he told her that one of the kids in his class took it and he should give it back.

This weekend is going to be busy for the both of us.
Scott has a teen social saturday & Athlete 2 Athlete on Sunday. (unfourtunatly no Cool Cats this week)
I am trying to learn how to skate again by doing three games this weekend & yes I will put my knee brace on. I hope all goes well. (& unfourtnatly no college games.)

Hey fans. My brother, his team & I are doing the Walk for Autism November 6th at the National Mall. Please help us raise our 5,000 dollar mark & If you can come walk that would be great too.
NOVA Cool Cats Walk For Autism Page.

& Become a fan of our Facebook Page. :) TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!
Facebook Page.
we always love hearing your comments & if you have any questions feel free to ask.

keep it up.

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott (:

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