Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scott was at a PARTY!!

hey guys & gals,

Scott & I are sitting here writing this blog post. Okay Scott's playing Spyro & helping me write this. :)

Scott went to a Party with his teen group today. His teen group meets once every month & each parent and kid has one month. I think this is a lovely idea to do. A lot of the group has known each other from playing sports & who Scott & I have known since we were little.
Today he went to DJ's house. First they played BINGO!!! Also watched television. Of course Scott ate everything they had from a hamburger, hot dog, mom's pasta salad [which i spilled all of it on the floor when I got it so there's none left. :( ] ,baked beans & one other persons pasta salad. He's a GROWING BOY you know. :P
He had a lot of fun there.

I wish I could have been there it sounds like they had fun. I got to go to work. I can def say that ASHBURN SMELLS LIKE HOCKEY AGAIN!!!!! I'm so happy. One of the Ashburn teams were playing so I watched a little bit of that before I left.

Hockey season is here. :) :) :)

Scott's Quote of the Day: "MOM YOU'RE OLD!"

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott :)

*WE WILL NEVER FORGET* 09.11.01 <3

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