Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Party like Rockstars.

To end off the summer & started school.
We threw a party.
(Whoa wait rewind. The Brawley's had a party?)

We're making it into a yearly tradition.
But one thing about the tradition didn't continue.
We had a GREAT time with some of the Cool Cats.

Its time for hockey season already.

So for the past two days I got to drive my brother & sister to school because the bus didn't come.
He's not on the bus list. allrrriiggghhhttyyyy.
When Scott gets out of the car he says HAVE A NICE DAY & waves!!! :)

Scott also told his teacher that his mom was picking him up from school yesterday.
when she didn't have a car so he got picked up by dad.

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott.

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