Saturday, September 4, 2010

Whoa Wait...... Hockey Camp is over?

WOW it seemed like hockey camp flew by this year.
or maybe it was because I was only there two days.

I thought that camp was better than last year of what I saw those two days.
The kids had so much fun & really tired at the end of it.

On Friday we had Catze come out and say hi to the kids.
The kids LOVE Catze.

Catze with our surprise guest Mike Knuble.
Some kids actually followed Catze around & they think that catze is a girl.......... hmmmm..... i guess we will never know.

One kid said, "If Sidney Crosby comes I'm going to RUN AWAY!!!"

Washington Capitals Player of the Camp was Mike Knuble & his son.
<--  Pictured left with Catzzee.
Bowen asked a lot of questions. & of course Ms. Lisa screamed when she heard the DETROIT RED WINGS.... why do we keep her around? :P

&&& The mentor game.
Coach Randy won again but I'm already planning for next year.
Even though he won.... Team WALLY won for originality on the goals we scored.
It was a great game with an awesome DJ.

Amanda broke the cup again. ooopps. sorry. I didn't mean to this time.

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott. :)

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