Saturday, August 21, 2010

Waterpark with the Boltons

Today Scott & his best friend John got to go to the water park. This has been a yearly activity for the both of them.
The white water slide was Scott & John's favorite. It was really dark inside of it.
They played in the river. While playing in the river Scott & John splashed each other and played around.

While they were at the water park my mom & I went to the mall to find Scott his size 15 (yes you read that right size 15.) shoes. Either Nike or Reebok. We only found two pairs at Dick's Sporting Goods. The one we ended up buying Scott didn't like.
When it comes to clothing & shoes, Scott is as picky as a girl.
We eventually found shoes on that he liked.

My mom & I also got Scott a camouflage backpack and a pair of jeans for me. My new jeans are from my favorite store Charlotte Russe. :) where i got my pink high heels.

I start my first day of classes at NOVA on monday so i'm trying to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Scott's Quote of the day, "Oh Johnny."
& John says back, "Oh Scott"

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott :)

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