Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodbye summer 2010 I will miss you.

While Scott has about two weeks left until school starts.....
All he's been doing is playing Spyro.
I think he's beaten every level so far.

On the other hand today was my day to start.

My first class started at 8 am but at least i'm not alone.
I get to have one english class, history class, math class.
While tuesdays i have another english class & thursdays the same as mondays only yoga later that day. :)

I have not..
tripped :)
fallen :)
or gotten lost :) :)

I am very proud of myself for not doing all those things.
& for all those facebookers on my mom's post i got up at 650.

When i got home from my second class of the day I was really happy to see a letter addressed to me. I read who it was from & it was from Amanda Post's mom who I recently emailed about the bracelets they made in Amanda's honor. (about amanda is two blog post down.) I was SO excited to get the bracelets. It truly made my day because I had forgotten that my first english class was 2 hours & 15 mins long. :( The bracelets (pictured below) have on one side Amanda Wins! & on the other side has A24P for her initials and her number for hockey & soccer. I had talked to Mrs. Post about the team that Amanda & I were suppose to be on together in 2006-2007. She said that Amanda had loved all the letters & the two championships medals we won that year. Amanda was missed on that team. We called that team the Dream Team.

“Even though you're gone, we still a team
Through your family, I'll fulfill your dream"
-I'll be missing you; P.Diddy
<3 Amanda Post

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott :)

p.s. COOL CAT CAMP STARTS IN A WEEK!!!! get ready!!

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