Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thanks for all the support. :)

The support i'm seeing from all the cool cats & special hockey families is overwhelming.
First off I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Hickey from the Washington Ice Dogs. Without them talking to my dad & really helping us get started. I really don't know where we would be right now with the cool cats or if there would be any cool cats.

Second thing is that i had a couple of questions that i would LOVE to answer.

- How does Scott relate to you? Many people with autism have unique and touching ways to connect with people or demonstrate affection or gratitude. How does he express himself with you?
*Scott & I have many things in common. We both LOVE to dance & have fun. My brother & I give each other high fives & hugs. He's always looking for a high five after he's done something good.

- What assumptions do people make about autism that are wrong - or don't apply to your brother?
*They think that we should treat them differently because they have a disability. They make fun of them because they don't understand.

- Why do you think hockey is so therapeutic to the kids you volunteer with?
*I think it's therapeutic because you can just get out there and feel free. One of the kids I work with Bowen tells me that he likes hockey because he can feel the wind in his hair through the helmet while he's skating fast. Taking a shot can get there anger out.

- What advice would you give to your friends and others about how to relate to a person with autism?
*Just take your time with them & most importantly be patient with them. What i usually do is show them what they need to do have them try and them have them see it again.

- Have you ever been embarrassed by things your brother does? How have you learned to deal with those situations, and what would you recommend to other siblings?
*I used to HATE going out with my brother because when he was little he would scream at random times. We would be having a nice meal and out of no where he would scream. People would stare and say why can't those people control their kid.
I really wanted to say to those people that my brother has autism & that's why he does it. Finally i just got used to it & he doesn't really scream anymore.

if you have anymore question send me a comment or facebook me. :)

peace & love
amanda & scott :)

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