Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fleury/Crosby or Ovechkin/Backstrom

Is it hockey season yet?
It's almost here :)

The PENS/CAPS rivalry has already started at our house. (maybe it never stopped)

Scott is in the middle of the penguins and capitals rivalry. One minute he will root for Crosby (eww) then the next minute he will root for Ovechkin (bigger ew). He has a Crosby shirt but he also has an Ovechkin jersey but deep down inside we know he's a true capitals fan... :(

I on the other hand am I die-heart PENGUINS FAN!!! but one thing i will say is that im not to fond of the Crosby/Ovechkin rivalry. There are other players on the team than just them two. What about my favorites like Malkin, Staal, Letang, Cooke & Fleury? We can't forget about Max Talbot or known in Pittsburgh as MAD MAX! He took the pressure off of Crosby & gave some pressure to Ovechkin.

on another note.
Scott washed the whole car today. Which is good because I kinda ran over a deer that was already dead. oops. :/
but i helping him clean it off.
In the picture he strapped himself in the car so he wouldn't fall off the back end of my mom's GMC.

Scotts quote of the day: "MOM CAN I GET A FORD?"

peace & love
amanda & scott. :)

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