Sunday, August 15, 2010

A great question....

While i was at the Washington Ice dog camp last week I got a really great question from one of the coaches there.

The question was "Was I doing anything to prepare my brother, Scott beforehand for me leaving for college?"

It got me wondering what i really was going to do after i finish at NOVA. How was I going to tell him that his big sister is leaving for college? How was he going to handle it?

At the beginning of the summer I was preparing myself for orientation at IUP, but things changed with IUP & My family and I made a decision to have me go to NOVA.
*IUP is about 4 hours away from the DC area.*

I guess I should start thinking about what I should tell him.
I should tell him that I am leaving for college. Tell him that I will be back for holidays & that with my new computer we can video chat whenever he missed me (or when i missed him.)

I know its going to be a learning experience for me and him.
he says, "now there's only going to be four people in the car."

peace & love.
amanda & scott :)

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